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  • May 14th, 2021

    What is a tilt skillet?

    Tilt Skillets are one of the most versatile pieces of cooking equipment available, so much so that they are often called the work horse of the commercial kitchen. A 30-gallon tilt skillet can produce as many as 350 meals in an hour. Because of their flexibility and size, they are particularly valuable when cooking for a large group of people, which makes a tilt skillet or braising pan a valuable piece of equipment for the correctional kitchen.

    How does a tilt skillet work?

    To understand what makes a tilting skillet so versatile, it is important to understand how it works. These large equipment pieces are similar in function to a stove with gas openings or heating elements covering the complete under side of the pan. This provides the operator with precise control of the temperature, letting them cook at a fixed, consistent temperature. In fact, depending on the size of your population, you may be able to replace a range top with a tilt skillet and gain functionality without loss of production capability.

    What is a tilt skillet used for?

    In many institutional facilities, a tilt skillet is used to reduce production time and energy consumption while increasing consistency of output. Tilt skillets have a flat bottom with the heating element below, so they can be used like a griddle, but are also fairly deep; most units measure 10” deep, so they can be used to cook the same foods as you would in a steam-jacketed kettle or stock pot. Add in some basket inserts or perforated steam table pans, and you can use your braising pan as a steamer.


    A braising pan can function like a kettle for cooking soups, chili, stews, rice, pasta, and sauces. They are also perfect for pan frying products like fried chicken, fish and french fries, and is safer than having a fryer in the kitchen. You can also use your braising pan as a griddle for cooking bacon, pancakes, burgers, grilled sandwiches and much more. Additionally, you can use it similarly to an oven to bake or roast different meats, pork, chicken, or turkey. You can even use a tilt skillet like a very, very large stir-fry pan. The ability to steam product is ideal for vegetables or to gently cook seafood. Additionally, a tilt skillet can reduce cooking time as it is great for food prep tasks like thawing frozen items or warming broth. There are many possibilities available to you with a tilt skillet that it is an ideal piece of equipment for correctional foodservice. Cook’s carries braising pans from several different manufacturers including Cleveland, Vulcan, Groen and others.

    What Can You Cook With A Tilt Skillet?