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    Founded in 1997, Cook’s was the first company to specialize in correctional foodservice equipment and supplies. We understand the tough and high-pressure environment and know the products that can help improve efficiency, effectiveness, and safety in the kitchen, including our exclusive Cook’s Brand line of products.

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    Correctional Foodservice
    K-12 Foodservice

    The K-12 foodservice program is no easy task, with hundreds of nutritious meals that need to be served to students every day. At Cook’s Direct, we know firsthand the challenges you face. Our experience working with facilities across the country means we can help you find the right solutions while overcoming hurdles with purchasing, labor, and inefficiency.

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    Colleges and Universities

    The changing landscape of campus dining at colleges and universities means foodservice programs need to continually adapt. Students want options, both in what they eat and how they eat. At Cook’s Direct, we can help you build a foodservice program that meets the needs of your students while also addressing issues with labor, training, and menu standardization.

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    College & University Foodservice
    Arena & Stadium Foodservice
    Stadiums and Arenas

    The days of simple foodservice programs at stadiums and arenas are in the past. Fans now expect diverse menu options, all prepared on site. With tens of thousands of fans in attendance at each event, this can mean a significant increase in revenue. Take advantage of this opportunity by partnering with the team at Cook’s Direct. Our team of trained experts can help your facility build an improved foodservice program focused on quality, speed, flexibility, and durability.

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    When it comes to running a commercial foodservice operation, the equipment and supplies you rely on are critical to maintaining efficiency, quality, and profitability. Cook’s Direct has a comprehensive product catalog to help you outfit your institutional kitchen. We carry all the top brands of foodservice equipment as well as all the essential supplies to keep your operation stocked and running smoothly.

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    Commercial Foodservice