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    Keep everything in its place by having a place for everything using our commercial foodservice storage and transport products in your institutional kitchen.

    From food storage containers to sheet pan racks, beverage servers, dish caddies and carts, Cook’s Direct has everything to meet your commercial foodservice storage and transport needs. We can outfit your cold storage area with dunnage and your stockroom with shelves. We have meal delivery carts, utility carts, bussing carts, tray drying racks and more. We offer storage and transport products from top brands including Carlisle, Cambro, Cres Cor, F.W.E., Lakeside, Sammons, New Age, and Vollrath. Cook’s Direct carries a wide variety of foodservice storage and transport products as well as parts and accessories like replacement casters for those products.

    If you need help selecting the right storage and transport products for your institutional kitchen, please give us a call at 866-613-2617 and our customer service team will assist you in finding the right storage and transport solutions that best meet the needs of your institutional foodservice operation.

    Selection Help

    When selecting the best storage and transport products like carts, shelves, or pan carriers for your institutional kitchen, you will want to take into consideration the following things:

    • How can my storage space be optimized with commercial shelving?
    • What types of transport carts will I use in my operation for moving materials and moving meals?
    • Whether you are purchasing foodservice storage and transport products for your campus dining operation or corporate catering business, you will want to consider closely what is the best fit for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call one of our experts.
    Expert Advice

    When it comes to foodservice operations, proper storage and transport of commercial food products is essential for maintaining quality and ensuring food safety. At CooksDirect.com, we offer a wide range of storage and transport solutions designed to meet the unique needs of commercial kitchens, catering operations and the largest of operations like prisons, schools or universities. Our selection includes everything from food pans and storage containers to food carriers and insulated bags.

    When selecting storage and transport solutions, it is important to consider factors such as the volume of food you will be storing or transporting, the types of food products you will be working with, and the available space in your kitchen or storage area and use that as a starting point. Our selection includes products made from durable materials such as polyethylene and polycarbonate, which are resistant to impact, cracking, and breaking. We also offer products with various capacities, so you can choose the size that best fits your needs.

    In addition to storage containers and pans, we offer a variety of food carriers and insulated bags designed to keep food products at safe temperatures during transport. Whether you need to transport hot entrees or cold beverages, we have a solution to fit your needs. Our insulated bags and food carriers are also designed to be easy to clean, making them ideal for high-volume operations.

    • Correctional Storage And Transport Correctional Storage And Transport

      Shop our corrections grade assortment of carts, tray stacking items, and a wide assortment of all things needed for storage & transport within a correctional facility.

    • Dish Caddies and Dollies Dish Caddies and Dollies

      Storing and moving large quantities of plates and bowls is easy with a dish caddie and for smaller quantities of dinnerware, use a washrack and dolly to meet your storage and transport needs.

    • Food and Beverage Transport Food and Beverage Transport

      Food and beverage transport solutions like pan carriers, beverage dispensers, carts, and insulated bags can help you keep product at proper serving temperature during transport.

    • Food Storage Containers and Accessories Food Storage Containers and Accessories

      Every institutional kitchen needs a variety of food storage containers to hold raw ingredients or prepared foods in inventory in your store room or cooler.

    • Food Storage Shelving Food Storage Shelving

      Shelving is the key to organizing your ingredient inventory in the storeroom, freezer, warehouse, dishroom and any other storage area in your institutional kitchen.

    • Racks and Accessories Racks and Accessories

      From sheet pan racks to dunnage racks to tray drying racks, racks are used to store cookware, bakeware and even ingredients in an organized and often mobile fashion in the institutional kitchen.