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    Dart makes some of the most recognizable brands and products that people use every day in restaurants, hospitals, schools, and homes. They manufacture more than 3,000 products, including cups, dinnerware, cutlery, straws and deli and portion containers made from raw materials such as paper, foam and rigid polystyrene and polypropylene, PET and sugarcane—all designed with the features, advantages and benefits our customers need. From this list you can find the foodservice products that your business needs.

    Dart 10 oz. Foam Cups

    SKU: 5099D9

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    Dart 4 oz. Foam Cups

    SKU: 5099A9

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    Dart 4JL Lids

    SKU: 5100A9

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    Dart 8 oz. Foam Cups

    SKU: 5099C9

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    Ships from Manufacturer
    Ships from Manufacturer
    Ships from Manufacturer