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  • May 7th, 2021

    When serving meals in to Max or Super Max Environments or even into segregated populations within your typical jail or prison, your flatware choices are more about durability and cost. You may even be looking for brighter colored options because most of your flatware loss happens when pieces get thrown in the trash because someone wasn’t paying attention. But when you are serving to a high security population or to suicide watch, you think about everything that goes in and out of the cell, making your flatware decision much more thoughtful. We carry several different types of flatware from cost effective copolymer to ultra-safe Flex spoon. Here are some of the best flatware options for the maximum security environments that you won’t find anywhere but Cook’s:

    Sentry Series Spork – this is a fully functional spork that is perfect for eating soup to cereal and with the tines, it can function as a fork. It’s made from a pliable material that can be easily bent or twisted but will return to its original shape. Because the Sentry Series Spork will bend rather than break, it is much less likely to be made into a shank than a spork made from a hard polycarbonate or even the softer copolymer.

    Flex Spoon – this spoon is made from soft, flexible silicone and can be bent, twisted, even folded up and will not crack or break. It is so soft that we couldn’t make a spork out of it, but it is still a functional spoon and can even support a full spoonful of oatmeal. The Flex Spoon is the safest reusable flatware choice available.

    Ecosecurity Utensil – this flatware piece is made from a slick, moisture resistant paper board. With a single fold, it creates a scoop that can be used to eat any semi-solid food that doesn’t require any cutting. This utensil is ideal for maximum security environments and for suicide watch. It is a single use utensil that is the safest choice available in flatware.

    The Best Flatware Choices for High Security Environments