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  • May 7th, 2021

    Knife Storage Solutions

    The idea of having very sharp knives in a jail or prison environment seems as counterintuitive as operating an institutional kitchen without knives. But, since it’s not feasible to go without knives and many other kitchen utensils that are potentially dangerous in the wrong hands, it’s important to have a solid solution for your knife storage. Many correctional facilities across the country have a storage room or storage locker that was built by the maintenance staff for the purpose of locking up potentially dangerous utensils and equipment items when the kitchen is not operating. These solutions work well for the most part, but if you’re looking for the ultimate in safe knife storage, the Cook’s High Security Tool Locker is for you. One of the most significant benefits is that it’s as secure as it can get, and you don’t need anyone in maintenance to build it for you. All needed is to find a highly visible location and to hang it in place.

    Cook's Brand High Security Tool Locker

    The Cook’s Brand High Security Tool Locker has multiple features that ensure that it is an incredibly secure and safe storage cabinet for your sharp tools, knives or utensils. First, it is constructed of 14 gauge all welded stainless steel. The door is Lexan so that you can see the contents of the cabinet to ensure that all tools have been accounted for at the end of the day. This was the number one request from customers when we developed the tool locker. This Lexan is 3/8” thick and nearly impossible to break, even so, there is a cross brace that protects the panel, and it is framed in stainless steel. The door is non-removable with four heavy duty hinges, and it fits flush within the cabinet front so that it cannot be pried open. Additionally, a reinforced hinged locking plate covers and secures the side of the door that opens up, further securing the cabinet. This locking plate is constructed of 12-gauge stainless steel and as you close your tool locker this plate, you lift up slightly and the top of this plate is designed with a lip so that when it is released, it hooks over the top of the cabinet and is inserted into the cabinet body so it cannot be pulled open even with tools.

    The interior of the High Security Tool Locker features three rows of stainless steel welded pins that are spaced at 10“, 12” and 18” to allow for a variety of knives, peelers, spoons and other kitchen utensils. Depending on the size of the facility and the number of items that need to be secured, facilities can choose from three different widths: 18”W, 25”W or 36”W. All tool lockers are 50” long and 6” deep. An optional warning light is also available. This light will flash when the door is open, so that it can be seen nearly anywhere even in the largest of kitchens.

    The Cook’s Brand High Security Tool Locker is available to provide foodservice personal a safe and secure storage solution for their jail or prison kitchen. It is easy to install and is ready for use the moment it’s hung up on a wall, all you need is sturdy lock. We introduced the tool locker over 20 years ago and have been providing them to jail and prison kitchens across the U. S. You can feel secure when your kitchen tools are stored in this cabinet.

    Knife Storage Solutions for Corrections