Cook's Direct Foodservice Equipment and Supply

April 27th 2023

School dining halls are often filled with students eager to grab a quick bite between classes. However, in order to maintain a clean and efficient environment, it's important to have the right equipment. That's where the Vollrath SerVue comes in. Today, we'll explore how the Vollrath SerVue can be used in school dining halls to increase overall efficiency and sanitation.

1. Contactless serving: The Vollrath SerVue is a cold touchless refrigerated serving system that uses infrared technology to detect when a student's hand is under the dispenser. What does this mean? This means that it completely eliminates the need for students to touch the dispenser, reducing the spread of germs and increasing sanitation.

2. Faster serving times: With the Vollrath SerVue, students can serve themselves quickly and efficiently, which reduces overall wait times. This is especially important during peak mealtimes when lines can be long, and students are in a hurry to get to their next class.

3. Customizable options: The SerVue allows for customizable options such as the size of the servings, and the types of food and beverages that are served. This makes it easy to adapt to the specific needs of a school's dining hall, ensuring that students have access to the food and drinks they want. Whether you want to set up a condiment station for parfaits or a topping station for salads, the SerVue allows you to completely customize the unit to your liking.

4. Improved food safety: The Vollrath SerVue is designed to maintain food safety by keeping food at the proper temperature and preventing contamination. This is particularly important in school dining halls where food safety regulations must be followed. With the Vollrath SerVue, schools can rest assured that their food is being served in a safe and sanitary manner.

5. Easy to clean: The Vollrath SerVue is easy to clean, making it simple for school dining hall staff to maintain a clean and sanitary environment, while reducing the risk of foodborne illness.

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