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  • April 26th 2023

    Refrigerated merchandisers, also known as display refrigerators or commercial refrigerators, are commonly used in supermarkets and convenience stores to showcase food and drinks. However, many schools and universities are starting to realize the benefits of using refrigerated merchandisers on their campuses. Let’s explore how schools and universities can use refrigerated merchandisers to their advantage.

    1. In dining halls: Schools and universities often have large dining halls that serve hundreds or even thousands of students every day. A refrigerated merchandiser can be used to display fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, sandwiches, and other grab-and-go items. This not only provides students with healthy snack options but also reduces food waste as the items can be sold quickly before they spoil.

    2. In vending areas: Vending machines are a common sight on school and university campuses, but they typically only offer snacks and beverages that do not require refrigeration. By incorporating refrigerated merchandisers in vending areas, schools and universities can expand their product offerings to include perishable items such as salads, sandwiches, and fresh juices.

    3. In student stores: Many schools and universities have on-campus stores where students can purchase textbooks, school supplies, and other items. By adding a refrigerated merchandiser, these stores can offer grab-and-go snacks and drinks, such as yogurt, smoothies, and energy drinks. This not only provides students with convenient options but also increases revenue for the school or university.

    4. In athletic facilities: Athletic facilities on campuses often have concession stands or snack bars that offer food and beverages to athletes and spectators. A refrigerated merchandiser can be used to display pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, and other healthy snacks. This not only provides athletes with the fuel they need but also generates revenue for the athletic department.

    5. In science labs: Some science labs require the use of refrigerated specimens, such as bacteria or cell cultures. A refrigerated merchandiser can be used to store these specimens, providing easy access for students and researchers while also ensuring their preservation.

    Refrigerated merchandisers offer numerous benefits for schools and universities. They can be used in dining halls, vending areas, student stores, athletic facilities, and science labs to provide healthy snack options, expand product offerings, generate revenue, and preserve specimens. With their versatility and convenience, refrigerated merchandisers are an excellent addition to any school or university campus.