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  • November 3rd, 2021

    Keeping your commercial refrigeration units running is critical. A breakdown can be expensive in repairs and loss of inventory, as well as stressful due to the last minute menu scramble. We’ve put together a short list of easy maintenance check points that can help you avoid the difficulties caused by a breakdown in operation.

    Check the gaskets – splits and cracks in door gaskets can cause cool air to escape from your refrigerators, freezers and walk in refrigerators. You’ll also want to make sure that gaskets are clean. Grease and grime that isn’t cleaned up immediately causes unnecessary wear and breakdown of gaskets.

    Check the air filters – This is an important maintenance routine for refrigerators and ice machines and coolers too. Too much dust or grease can keep air from ventilating properly. Removing the dust with a shop vacuum is a quick and easy cleaning method. Use a degreasing solution to clean off any grease. Be sure that you check the owner’s manual for any specific cleaning instructions to air filters before you get started.

    Clean all coils – Check both the condenser coil and the evaporator coil on any of your refrigerated equipment units. Clean these parts off with a brush and shop vacuum at least once every three months and more frequently if there is an excessive amount of dust or dirt in your operation.

    Keep drain pans and tubes free of debris – it is crucial to refrigerators, walk-in coolers and commercial freezers to keep the drain pan and tubes clean and operational. These units frequently attract buildups of slime and sludge which will cause freeze up. Clean them regularly and if there is a blockage that damages or clogs the tube, replace it immediately.

    Keep units dry – make sure that the floors of walk-ins and bottoms of any reach-in refrigerators or freezers are clean and dry. Keeping the area around these units clean and free from any water will reduce the risk of slips and falls and helps to keep coils from freezing up.

    Keeping up with routine maintenance is the key to avoiding big breakdowns. Not only will your equipment last longer because of the maintenance but it will operate more efficiently and big problems can be caught early, avoiding a kitchen catastrophe.

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