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  • November 22nd 2022

    With school being back in session, it is important to make sure that the student dining experience is both convenient and full of plenty of options. Everyone loves options, incorporating a variety of restaurants in multiple locations on campus is a great way to increase traffic and sales for your campus dining operation. With that being said, it is also important to take note of current trends. Plant-based, organic, vegan, and other healthy lifestyle choices make up a big part of campus life. Having these options readily available to students on campus not only accommodates students that prefer such foods, but also promotes healthier eating overall.

    Another great way to increase traffic and sales is by offering delivery for convenience. Grubhub, Postmates, and UberEats all make up a huge part of the food culture now, which means in order to stay competitive you will want to incorporate grab-n-go and delivery services throughout campus. This not only is a great way to increase sales, but also is convenient for students and allows them to have a variety of options to choose from. Additionally, you might want to think about expanding your delivery radius and adding various drop-off locations with food storage lockers throughout the campus.

    While providing a variety of options to students helps encourage students to eat on campus, it is also important to pay close attention to the atmosphere. Students want to enjoy their environment when eating a meal. Providing a fun, comfortable, and inviting environment is guaranteed to make students want to spend time with their friends in the university cafeteria rather than heading off campus. Another great option is to incorporate outdoor eating settings. People love to stay occupied, especially college students. Having outside eating areas that are filled with games and live music is a great way to keep students engaged.

    At Cook’s we have a wide variety of kitchen equipment, if you have any questions regarding the purchase of new foodservice equipment, we are happy to assist you.