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  • November 21st 2022

    Foodservice operators who are in charge of feeding students operate under certain time restrictions. Which means it is extra important to look for ways to improve the speed of food production for school cafeterias. Investing in a heavy-duty food processor to use in your school cafeteria has multiple long-term benefits. Today we will review the benefits of having a food processor on hand.

    Food processors save time, money, and labor down the line. The initial cost of a durable and reliable food processor may seem like a lot, however the return on investment for food prep equipment is quite fast, especially after factoring in time, labor, and waste.

    Thanks to the speed of food processors, K-12 foodservice providers can prepare fresh foods in a timely manner each morning. Another benefit to using a food processor to prep your produce is that the food stays fresh longer, tastes better and is more nutritious compared to prepackaged foods.

    Food processors allow for consistency each time. Having a food processor on hand in your K-12 Kitchen gives foodservice directors the flexibility to make frequent menu changes. This is because food processors are very versatile machines and can tackle more than one job within the kitchen. Food processors are not limited to slicing and dicing, they can also crimp and julienne fruits and veggies, additionally you can also use your food processor to grate cheese and mix up other toppings for foods.

    At Cook’s we have a wide range of equipment we keep on hand at all times. If you are hesitant about investing in a food processor, give us a call. We are happy to assist you in finding the right machine for your kitchen.