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  • November 28th 2022

    As we all know, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Without breakfast you may feel tired, restless, and irritable. However, despite the advantages of breakfast, many young students choose to skip it in order to grab a few extra minutes of sleep. Today we are going to go over a few tips to help encourage students to eat breakfast from school.


    Setting up grab & go stations in high-traffic areas where students can easily access can increase the likelihood of students eating breakfast. Studies show that allowing students to pick up a portable breakfast from the cafeteria and take it with them to their first class has helped schools reach 60% breakfast participation on average. When setting up your grab and go station, it is important to choose mess free, nutritious foods that are easy to transport.


    Delivering food to classrooms via coolers or mobile carts can result in breakfast participation close to an average of 90%. This takes the student initiative almost entirely out of the equation and can increase participation and sales drastically. Another thing to consider for delivery is incorporating a drop-off system to bus stops, this allows the students to grab food on the way into school.


    Another option is to make breakfast available a little longer. This gives students a second chance to grab breakfast after their first class. This option is highly effective for teenagers who typically don’t prefer to wake up early. Giving them a second chance to grab breakfast on the way to their next class is a great way to improve participation and increase breakfast sales.


    One major thing that keeps students from ordering food from school is the lack of variety. You want to make sure that your menu consists of items that are eye catching enough for students to stop and order. Another great option is to incorporate smoothies for the students that aren’t super hungry in the morning but still need a boost to get them going.