Cook's Direct Foodservice Equipment and Supply

December 6th 2022

Rethermalizers offer a wide range of benefits, whether its energy savings or increased food safety. Rethermalizers are designed to bring food quickly and safely out of the “Danger Zone” while also eliminating the extra steps that are needed to do so. Today we are going to review the benefits of using a Rethermalizer.

• Rethermailizers are one of the safest ways to thaw frozen foods effectively out of the “Danger Zone”. This is because rethermalizers allow for foods to cross the “Danger Zone” quickly, which kills off any or all harmful bacteria that may be present before serving.

• Rethermalizers offer a great level of efficiency. This is because the use of hot water as a method of heating requires less energy than you by defrosting foods using a combi oven or a microwave. Additionally most rethermalizers come with lids that cover the water to tank to further retain heat.

• Rethermalizers offer a great level of convenience and are ideal for high-traffic and fast-paced environments that produce large volumes of food at a time, such as school cafeterias and hospitals. Typically, most rethermailzers have the ability to heat up frozen foods in as little as 90 minutes. What does this mean? This means you don’t have to worry about waiting around for food to thaw, which can be a time-consuming part of the preparation process. Rethermailzers give you the ability to take foods straight out of the freezer and begin the cooking/thawing process.

As you can see rethermalizers offer a variety of benefits, and they are simple to operate. We offer a wide variety of thermalizers from top manufactuers, like Vollrath and Hatco. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of new foodservice equipment, we are happy to assist you.