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  • November 30th 2022

    Cooking with steam has several benefits, including faster cooking times and healthier foods. But with every advantage there are disadvantages. Today we are going to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of cooking with a commercial steamer.


    Let’s start off with the many advantages that cooking with steam has. Cooking with steam allows for faster overall cooking time. Whether you’re retherming foods or cooking from scratch, commercial steamers offer some of the fastest preparation times compared to traditional methods of cooking.

    Cooking with steam is also a healthier way to cook. This is because it retains more nutrients and flavors than other methods of cooking without the need for added butter and oil. Additionally, cooking with steam keeps your foods tasting and looking fresh every time. This is important as students are more likely to be interested in eating foods that look appealing.

    Lastly, cooking with steam is an efficient way of cooking. Cooking with steam ensures that both the inside and outside of the food is fully cooked. There is nothing worse than buying lunch to find out that only the outside of your food has been fully cooked.


    Now to the disadvantages of cooking with steam. Unfortunately steamers tend to break down easily. This is occurs when minerals build up and clog the system. However, this can be prevented by properly maintaining and cleaning your steamer.

    Another disadvantage of cooking with steam is that they tend to use a lot of water, which can result in a pretty hefty water bill. However, there are steamers that are available that can increase water savings up to 50% compared to other conventional steamers.

    Last but not least, the installation of steamers can be complex. Getting a steamer up and running in your commercial kitchen can be a time-consuming process. In order to properly install your steamer you will want to make sure the unit is leveled, properly connected to water lines, floor drains and provided with a source of electricity. However, often times you can receive help from a trained technician provided by the manufacturer of the unit.

    As you can see the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of cooking with steam. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of new foodservice equipment, we are happy to assist you.