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  • February 3rd, 2021

    The beginning of the year is marked by the distribution of our annual catalog, the Cook’s Buyers Guide for Corrections. The 2021 Buyers Guide for Corrections mailed out right after the Christmas holiday so that it would arrive on our customers desks at the first of the year. As always, we’re excited to be introducing new Cook’s Brand and other manufacturers products.

    From Jeff Breeden, CEO of Cook’s; “This year, we are especially proud of our new MyGo Containers™ that can provide officers and staff new options for meal containers. These contains are designed to eliminate disposable foam containers in the facility. They feature 3 compartments with an attached lid and a leak resistant gasket. They look great and will enhance the food’s appeal to your customers. “ We also launched a new four compartment self-stacking Flex Tray(Flex Tray 447SS) and a smaller two-compartment Flex Tray (Flex Tray 221) which is designed to work with our new five compartment Cold Tray. All of these are in the New Product Section of the Catalog along with several other new products.

    While a large amount of the products in the catalog are the same each year because they are ideal for use in jail or prison foodservice, we keep up with the improvements and enhancements that manufacturers make to their products along with adding in alternative options when a better model is available. Cook’s Buyers Guide for Corrections is filled the right products for correctional foodservice operation. You’ll find trays, flatware, tumblers, and everything else needed for meal serving, correctional kitchen supplies for food prep including apparel, carts, and racks to meet all your storage and transport needs, heavy-duty kitchen equipment with information on security features, disposal items, even maintenance and janitorial products that are selected with an eye for security and safety.

    Cook’s catalog is unique from the other catalogs you see for institutional kitchen equipment because the products are selected to meet the needs of the correctional kitchen – not schools, restaurants, or other institutional foodservice operations. Finally, the last section of the catalog is filled with resource information for the correctional foodservice manager to use in his operation.

    Along with mailing the Cook’s 2021 Buyers Guide for Corrections, we put the 212 page catalog online. If you’re in the correctional industry and you would like your own copy of the catalog, you can request one via email, and we’ll send it out to you right away.

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