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  • February 9th, 2021

    We have upgraded the Cook’s Correctional website (www.cookscorrectional.com) in January 2021. The site improvements are designed to provide a better user experience and gives our customers much better functionality.

    We made the new site easier to navigate by reducing the number of categories of products and making it more obvious where to look for a product. While there are fewer categories, we added tags to products so that you can navigate to the items you want to see using the left hand side of a category page to select what you want to find. The search functionality is also improved so it’s faster and quicker and you get better, more accurate, search results. When you land on a product page, our images are larger and we can show more than one image if it’s available. You can also navigate to the manufacturer’s brand page right from an item page by clicking on the manufacturer logo. We also have the ability to show variations of a product, like different color choices, all on the same product page. This isn’t available on all items like this yet, but we are working on our product information to optimize this feature. A great example of this is the Remco long kettle paddle, where you can see all available color options on one page. You can even buy a green paddle and a red paddle without leaving the page.

    From a functionality standpoint, we now have a freight calculator on the checkout page that provides you with expedited shipping options. We worked hard to improve the accuracy of this estimator and we’ve had great feedback on the improved accuracy. And while guest checkout is still an option for our end users, there is now a good reason for any customer of Cook’s to order from their account. The new Cook’s Correctional is integrated with our ordering system so that any customer who has an online account and works with customer service or their sales rep at Cook’s to link this with the account they use for their phone orders, will be able to see their entire purchasing history online. That is, any order whether place by phone or at cookscorrectional.com will be visible in their account history. It’s a great feature to be able to monitor your purchasing history, invoices, and payments.
    The new website has been up and running for about a week and we are happy to say that we haven’t heard much from our customers. Experience tells us that when it comes to making changes to your website – no news is good news. We hope that our customers will take advantage of the integration of their online activity with their phone order activity and get the best experience they can when working with Cook’s Correctional. Now that Cook’s Correctional is up and running, we will be continually improving the customer experience and the functionality of the site as well as the product offering.

    Cook's Correctional New Website