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  • June 22nd 2022

    The Cook’s Brand Gorilla Tray is one of our larger insulated meal trays that is used in many jails and prisons across the country. With more space, comes more compartments. The Gorilla Tray includes one larger entrée compartment which can easily accommodate an entrée as large as 16 oz. There is also a side compartment that will hold 12 oz. or multiple slices of bread. The top row of compartments includes three equal 6 oz. compartments and then on the right-hand side of the tray is a flatware slot.

    Insulated meal trays are frequently used in jails where food is delivered directly to the jail cell or to a pod, which is a smaller group of jail cells like a cell block. In these applications, the meal is dished out or served in the kitchen and then transported to the inmate or cell block. These meal trays usually have between four and six compartments for the meal being served. These compartments keep the foods separated so that the meal doesn’t turn into a mixed-up mess as it is transported from the kitchen to the inmate. Additionally, insulated trays, like the Cook’s Brand Gorilla Tray, are designed to hold the food that is in the tray at a food safe temperature as it is transported from the kitchen to the inmate. That’s why the trays themselves are insulated.

    Insulated jail food trays are also designed to stack tightly and seal around the food compartments of each tray. By stacking the trays, you protect the contents from contaminates like dust and you seal each of the compartments to hold the food temperatures while transporting the meal from kitchen to cell or to the pod. The Gorilla Tray can also be purchased with a lid to cover the tray, for any instances that the trays are served individually.

    The Gorilla Tray, with six compartments, is a great choice for facilities that have larger portion sizes or menus with multiple sides. There is also a Raised Compartment Gorilla Tray which has the base of the compartments elevated, so that the portions appear more appetizing and large. This tray was introduced in 2020 and has been well received in the market. These trays also have a higher dome to the bottom, so that when trays are stacked the food from one tray is less likely to touch the tray above, making meal serving more sanitary.

    Like all Cook’s Brand Insulated Trays, the Gorilla Tray is incredibly durable featuring a thick exterior skin that is reinforced with foam insulation. Not only does the insulation improve temperature retention, but it also adds rigidity to the tray itself, so that corners are less likely to get dented from rough handling. All Cook’s Brand Insulated trays feature the 2-year “No Questions Asked” warranty, a testament to the longevity of these jail meal trays.

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