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Welcome to The New Cook’s Direct

September 16th, 2020

We are excited to introduce you to the new Cook’s Direct! We recently launched our updated site on a new platform. Many things about the site have changed to make the shopping experience easier, faster, and better. We simplified the navigation so that you can find what you are looking for more easily. We streamlined the checkout process to improve your confidence level when making a purchase. And most importantly, we’ve doubled the number of products on the site with plans to continue increasing our offering.

Some of the specific changes that will make the site easier for you to use include:

Faster Speed. We have optimized the way information and images load on category pages as well as product pages so that you won’t be waiting for content to be visible when you navigate from page to page.

Free Freight Clearly Marked. We have a new Free Freight icon that is on all the pages where a product ships for free and that information carries over to the shopping cart, so you see what items you are purchasing that have free freight.

Product variations are now all on one page. Where there are multiple options; like different color choices, you will see all the options on a single product page – and you can select multiple options from that page and place them in your cart.

We have upgraded our shipping calculator, so you now get a shipping estimate based on your zip code while you are in the shopping cart and before you choose to check out.

Multiple shipping options are now available, so if you require expedited shipping you can order it.

Monthly promotions are featured right from the home page.

Request a quote quickly and easily directly from our home page by entering a few pieces of key information and you will be contacted by a Cook’s professional with the information you need.

Stay up-to-date with our new on-site blog.

Our goal is to continue to add new products, with better information and multiple images. We will continually be adding to the site with the hopes of creating a better shopping experience for you. Please take a look around and see all the changes for yourself.

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