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  • April 29th, 2021

    The newly redesigned vented tray drying racks have recently received a face lift, their new design will assist with the maximization of your drying capacity and increase your commercial or correctional kitchen productivity. The Vented Drying Racks are available now in two different designs intended to replace traditional stainless steel or aluminum drying racks with solid shelves. Both designs are available in two different sizes, 54” Wide or 78” Wide.

    The vented tray drying rack - Suitable for drying meal trays that are less than 3” deep. The main difference between the two styles is the break-resistant polycarbonate inserts, the tray drying rack comes with an insert designed for insulated trays features 4 rows that have a 3” separation between them, these inserts are just under 30” across, giving you enough space to accommodate 3 marathon trays in each row with each insert accommodating up to 12 trays. The capacity depends on the size of the rack, the 54” wide rack offers 4 shelves that each fit 4 inserts, for a configuration that fits a total of 192 marathon trays. While the 78” wide rack offers 4 shelves that each fit 6 inserts, for a configuration that fits a total of 288 marathon trays.

    The vented sheet pan drying rack - Used to dry sheet pans. The highly durable polycarbonate shelf inserts for this model are designed with 6 rows, each offering a 2” space between them to easily accommodate a full size-sheet pan in each row. Capacity will be dependent on the size of the rack. The 54” wide rack offers 4 shelves that each fit 4 inserts, for a configuration that fits a total of 96 full size sheet pans. The 78” wide rack also has 4 shelves, each holding 6 inserts, for a configuration that fits a total of 144 full size sheet pans.

    Both vented drying racks are designed to promote a faster, more effective drying of trays and sheet pans than traditional drying racks. There are two parts to these racks, a stainless steel frame and vented polycarbonate shelf inserts that fit on the frame. Because the inserts are vented, air can circulate fully around the sheet pans or trays, allowing any water that accumulates to evaporate quickly to minimize any pooling of water beneath the pans or trays. Additionally, these inserts can be easily washed in the dishwasher or pot sink to help with sanitation. Each style and size of these vented drying racks is available with an optional drip tray. The addition of a drip tray beneath the lowest shelf ensures water does not run off or build up beneath the rack for a drier work area around the rack. Finally, they are easy and simple to maneuver and move around, with 6” plate casters that are welded to the frame. These racks can be easily moved from the dish room to tray assembly area for faster meal prep. Please keep in mind that the newly designed inserts are not interchangeable to racks produced prior to January of 2021.

    Meet Our Newly Redesigned Vented Drying Racks