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December 15th 2022

Keeping your school clean at all times will prevent staff and students from falling ill, which can reduce the number of days missed due to being sick. Due to the number of attending students and the amount of contact students have with one another, colds and flus can easily be spread throughout schools. With that being said, it is extremely important to stay on top of routine cleaning within your school. Today we are going to review a few key reasons why you need to keep your school clean.

Maintaining a clean educational environment is not only healthier for staff and students, but studies have shown that students find it easier to focus on daily tasks when their learning environment is properly maintained, organized and clean. Young children can be easily distracted, it is important to try and minimize the amount of clutter and extra distractions as best as possible.

As mentioned above, maintaining a clean school atmosphere helps prevent illnesses and allergies. At the end of the day, your teachers are the reason your school is up and running every day, with that being said it is crucial to keep your teachers as safe as possible with a clean working environment. In addition to that, it is also just as important to keep your students safe and healthy, in order to learn to the best of their ability.

Below is a quick cleaning checklist to further help you maintain a clean school atmosphere.

School Office Cleaning Checklist:

School Classroom Cleaning Checklist:

School Hallway Cleaning Checklist:

School Bathroom Cleaning Checklist:

School Gym Cleaning Checklist:

At Cook's we have a wide selection of Janitorial products to further enhance your sanitation throughout your facility. If you have any questions or product recommendations, we are happy to assist you.