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  • September 23rd 2022

    For the sake of public health, correctional facilities must be kept clean and maintained. Correctional facilities face challenges that are comparable to those of any other densely populated facility, but they are a little more challenging and demanding because of their unique characteristics. Such as a lack of funding, poor maintenance, and overcrowding. Which, if ignored for a long enough period of time, can cause an increase in violence within prisons.

    Setting up a clear protocol is crucial because there are so many risks associated with poor cleaning within jails and prisons. A well written cleaning plan that outlines expectations in clear detail for both employee supervisors and inmate labor is important to have. You will want to include what cleaning tasks need to be performed; when, where, and how often they should be done. You will also want to include what janitorial tools and products are needed to complete each task. By creating a checklist plan and implementing a cleaning routine you will reduce the spread of infections.

    By having the right equipment and supplies on hand and a well thought out list of cleaning tasks, you can properly maintain and clean environment and reduce the likely hood of violence and spread of germs. We offer a wide variety of tamper proof cleaning supplies that are designed to be used within correctional facilities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the purchase of new equipment, feel free to give us a call.

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