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  • September 16th 2022

    Today we are going to cover a few of our top high security items. It is important to make sure your facility has the right equipment and supplies in order to maintain a safe environment.

    Knife Leash Kits

    Our Cook’s Knife Leash Kits ensure that staff within the kitchen are safe at all times. The permanent attached security fastener is attached to the removable leash to reduce problems occurring with lost, misplaced, or stolen knives within the correctional kitchen.

    ESU EcoTensils

    The ESU EcoTensils are made from a slick and moisture resistant paper board that folds into the perfect scoop. This item is ideal for high-risk areas, such as solitary confinement, inmates that are on suicide watch and psych wards for patients that are a safety risk to themselves or others.

    Cook’s Flex Trays

    Our Cook’s Brand Flex Tray line is ideal for high-risk areas within the correctional facility. These trays cannot be bent or broken and most importantly, cannot be sharpened into a weapon. The benefits are not limited to safety, these trays also are easy to clean and work excellent with heated carts, retherm ovens and freezers.

    Cook’s High Security Knives

    Although it is important to make sure your knives don’t get lost or stollen, it is also important to make sure that the knives you have within the correctional kitchen cannot be taken apart and formed into weapons. Our Cook’s Brand High Security Knives are designed to work with the knife leash kits and have a full-tang blade that runs throughout the entire handle for maximum security.

    Cook’s Brand Tool Lockers

    Having safe kitchen supplies within the correctional kitchen is important, however it is equally important to make sure you have a safe and secure place to store your supplies when they are not in use. Our Tool Lockers are designed so that when it is locked the unit cannot be broken into by inmates. These lockers also have clear, see-through Lexan Doors to allow staff to monitor what is inside at all times. For added security, you can also purchase these lockers with a light on the top that flashes when the locker is in use.

    Cook’s Correctional has a variety of made for corrections item in-stock and ready for same day shipping. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of new ccorrectional foodservice equipment, we are more than happy to help.

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