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  • July 15th 2022

    The primary driver behind the Cook’s Brand product line is to offer correctional foodservice operators product options that are safe and durable enough to last in a correctional kitchen. With 25 years of experience supplying food service equipment and supplies for jails and prisons throughout North America, we have accumulated significant knowledge of all the things that occur in correctional facilities that don’t typically happen in other institutional foodservice operations.

    For example, the development of our Globe Whip was inspired by multiple customer complaints that a standard kettle whip just didn’t last in their correctional kitchen. After a little digging, we discovered that many of these customers had inmates manning the kettles. These trustees were using the kettle whip to break up frozen meat as it cooked, so whether they had a heavy duty round kettle whip or an extra-heavy duty reinforced kettle whip, after enough bashing of the whip head against the frozen meat and kettle base, a whip wire would break and the kettle tool was rendered both useless and even dangerous. The Cook’s Brand answer; the globe whip.

    The Cook’s Brand Globe Whip is the most robust kettle whip available. It features ¼” diameter solid rods that run through the handle of the whip for whip wires. These rods are welded to ½” diameter tube which will hold it’s shape through most inmate abuse. All Globe Whips are 304 stainless steel and feature a 16 gauge handle. Additionally, the ½” rods that from the globe head are welded a little less than half an inch below the top of the handle. This allows for the handle top to take the brunt of the force when an inmate uses the kettle tool to break up any frozen food. The globe whip available in 36:m 48” and 60” nominal lengths, as are the other Cook’s Brand Kettle Tools, including paddles, round whips and reinforced whips in medium, heavy duty and extra heavy duty construction.

    The Globe Whip, like all Cook’s Brand products, is designed to last even in the most rigorous of environments. If you’ve had damage issues with any of your kettle tools, take a look at Cook’s Brand.

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