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Worktop Refrigerators

Food preparation is faster and more efficient with a worktop refrigerator because ingredients are right at hand for your chef as they cook. Shop below for Norlake worktop refrigerators and True worktop refrigerators.

Cook’s Direct offers commercial worktop refrigerators from Norlake, True and other leading commercial refrigeration manufacturers. When shopping for worktop refrigerators, you can choose from a variety of width as narrow as 27-1/2” and as wide as 60” or greater. Worktop refrigerators are available with doors or drawers. If you will be storing smaller items or containers, drawers will work best. If you plan to store larger, bulky products in your worktop refrigerator, then a unit with doors is more practical Cook’s Direct is a great source for commercial worktop refrigerators, as well as parts and accessories for commercial worktop refrigerators.

If you need help deciding what is the right worktop refrigerator for your operation, please give us a call at 866-613-2617 and our customer service team will assist you in finding the best worktop refrigerator for your institutional kitchen.

Selection Help

When selecting the best commercial worktop refrigerator for your institutional kitchen, you will want to take into consideration the following things:

  • Do I want a worktop refrigerator with doors or with pull-out drawers?
  • Do I have the proper utilities for the worktop refrigerator that I have selected available in the area that I want to place the refrigerator?
  • Is this worktop refrigerator part of a larger kitchen renovation project or new institutional kitchen installation?
Expert Advice

Whether you are purchasing a worktop refrigerator for your banquet facility, long-term care kitchen or school cafeteria you will want to consider closely what is the best fit for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call one of our experts.

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