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  • December 23rd, 2021

    Open racks, glass racks, flatware racks and more, dishwasher racks are available to hold a variety of items ranging from specific sizes in glassware to serving ware and pots and pans. No matter what it is your washing in your commercial dish machine, there is a commercial washrack made to hold it. Parts and accessories like dividers and covers are also available to provide even more functionality.

    How to determine which dishwasher rack you need?

    It is best to choose your dishwasher rack by the product that will be washed in your commercial dish machine. Glass Racks or compartment racks are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different sizes of glassware, peg racks are designed to hold plates, bowls, cafeteria or compartment trays. Open dishracks are great for large items like mixing bowls and flatware. Additionally, there are dishracks that have one open side which are perfect for sheet pans and there are dishracks with a hold down grid for lighter weight items to keep them secure during the wash cycle.

    What size are commercial dishwashing racks?

    A full size commercial dish rack is typically 19-3/4” W x 19-3/4”L and racks are available in varying heights depending on what you will be washing in the rack. Rack extensions are also available to add height to a full size rack. Half sized racks which are 10” x 19-3/4” are also available.

    What is the best way to transport a dishwashing rack?

    The easiest way to transport dishracks is to use dish caddies or dollies. Dollies are available in a variety of styles and materials including aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. You will also find some with or without handles and some with removable handles.

    We carry commercial washracks and warewashing supplies from top foodservice smallwares brands including Cambro, Carlisle, Vollrath, FMP and more. You can also find the Cook’s Brand Insulated Tray Washrack, which is exclusive to Cook’s. We also carry parts and accessories for your warewashing supplies.

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