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  • December 3rd, 2021

    For many people across America, the long weekend after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holidays and the anticipated march toward Christmas day. For most of us, this is a happy time, something we look forward to with family gatherings, holiday parties, a table filled with guests and a delicious meal. But in our community, and throughout the US, there are families that will facing challenges which can take away the joy of the season.

    At Cook’s, this time of year is a time we like to acknowledge our blessings, share our excitement around the holidays and to give back to the community. We’ve had an annual Giving Tree event in the organization for well over ten years in partnership with the Humanitarian Services Project in DuPage County. Though the event has changed a bit with the pandemic, it’s still a highlight for the employees and it’s a great way for us to live one of our core values of We Care, which includes caring for our customers, caring for each other and caring for our community.

    With the Cook’s Giving Tree, employees volunteer to purchase holiday gifts for children which we bring to the HSP for distribution. Along with the opportunity to make a child’s holiday brighter, employees are motivated to participate in the Giving Tree because for Cook’s makes a donation of a $25 gift card to a family for their holiday.

    For 2021, we are fortunate to be working and thriving, even as we approach the second year of the pandemic and thrilled to have provided holiday gifts to 28 children and gift cards for 28 families. It’s a great way to kick off the holiday season.

    Merry Christmas

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