Cook's Direct Foodservice Equipment and Supply

April 13th 2023

Colleges and universities face unique challenges when it comes to providing food for their students, faculty, and staff. One of the biggest challenges is preparing large quantities of food efficiently while maintaining high standards for quality and taste. Cook's brand kettle tools can help campus kitchens meet these challenges. Cook’s brand kettle tools are designed specifically for commercial kitchens that need to produce large quantities of food quickly and efficiently. One of the key benefits of using Cook's brand kettle tools is their durability. Made with high-quality stainless steel, these tools can withstand frequent use and cleaning, which makes them a reliable investment for college and university kitchens. Whether you need to mix, stir, whip, or mash ingredients, our kettle tools can tackle the job.


Our heavy-duty kettle tools come in three different lengths, and two styles; solid and perforated. You can find our heavy-duty tools in 48”,58” and 60”. The heavy-duty tools have a 16-gauge, oar style handle for easy mixing, with 1” etched interval markings for easy measuring of ingredients. Should you have any issues with your Heavy-Duty Kettle Tool, they are covered by a “no questions asked” warranty for one year.

We also offer a Heavy-duty potato masher, which is longer than your typical potato masher. This is designed to be used for larger preparation amounts and institutional sized meals. The Cook’s Brand Heavy-Duty Potato Masher has a 16-gauge, oar style handle for easy use with a one piece rigid 6” x 5” masher head, which is flush welded to the heavy gauge 1” stainless steel handle.

Last but not least, the Cook’s Brand Heavy-Duty Globe Whips. Our Globe Whips come in three different lengths—36", 48", and 60"—and are offered with either four or six sides. These whips also have an oar style handle, an integrated eyelet design for easy tethering and interval markings on the handle for easy measuring of ingredients. Should you run into issues with your Cook’s Brand Globe Whip, these units are backed up with a “1 year no questions asked” warranty.


Our Cook’s Brand Medium Duty Kettle Tools have an 18-gauge handle and are available in two lengths and two styles; solid and perforated. Because these tools are lighter weight, they are easier to use. Our medium duty kettle tools are the perfect option for Colleges and Universities that do not require heavy-duty models. If you run into any issues, our medium duty kettle tools are backed up by a 90-day warranty.