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  • October 7th, 2021

    The Cook’s Brand Five Star Tray is truly unique when it comes to insulated meal trays for corrections. This innovative tray is shaped differently than other insulated trays. There is a slight curve at the top, which allows space for a spork and there are also two smaller bulk condiment compartments. These bulk condiment compartments allow for cost savings over the long term as condiments purchased in bulk are much less expensive than prepackaged individual condiment packets. Additionally, this leads to a reduction in waste from those individual packets and is better for the environment.

    The tray itself has five food compartments allowing for a large entrée, up to 3 slices of bread, two sides and a compartment for cake or a sweet. This design is specifically created for the correctional menu. The shape of the tray gives the Five Star Tray a natural feel. It is designed to be comfortable to hold and for eating. There is a balanced feel to this tray when it is in your hands.

    The Five Star Tray, like other Cook’s Brand insulated trays for corrections, has a 2-year ‘No Questions Asked” full replacement warranty against manufacturing defects. It is packaged 10 trays to a case. This tray is easy to clean, with a special blend of copolymer that is stain and odor resistant. The Five Star Tray is also insulated with the optimal density of foam for heat retention during delivery, and it stacks to keep heat and cold in the compartment.

    Cook’s Brand products are designed for use in jails and prisons. All Cook’s Brand products are made to address the challenges faced in the correctional foodservice environment as well as manufactured for long life and durability even in the most abusive of jail and prison operations.

    Cook's Five Star tray for corrections