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  • October 1st, 2021

    The Rite-size Servers from Cook’s Brand are designed to make managing your serving line easier and getting the same amount of food served on each tray. These portion servers are also designed to last a long time, even in busy kitchen environments.

    How do they make managing your serving line easier?

    Each portion server is color coded, similar to the traditional metal/plastic portion servers you see, but because the Cook’s Brand servers are fully copolymer plastic from handle to bowl, the color is easy to see even from a distance. Compare this to the traditional portion server that has only a colored plastic handle, you cannot not see the color if the user is covering the majority of it with a gloved hand. Cook’s Brand Rite-Size Servers are also very brightly colored making it easy to see the difference. If staff should be using the blue 8 oz server and accidentally selected the red 10 oz server, you will be able to see the mistake from across the room and correct it before you run out of product and still have 20% of your population left to be served.

    Cook’s Brand Rite-Size Servers – Built to Last

    Like all Cook’s Brand products, the Rite-Size Servers are designed with features that make them more durable than other products on the market. First, these portion control utensils are a one-piece design. This one-piece construction makes them more difficult to break or take apart than a traditional two piece design with a metal bowl and plastic handle. The copolymer we use in these portion servers is a special blend of copolymer that is stain and odor resistant so that they can be used for a long time without an offensive appearance or smell. The design of these servers includes what we call ‘the banger bump’. This is a bump in the handle that ‘beefs-up’ the amount of material to strengthen the handle at that point. The banger bump is located at the top of the handle / base of the bowl. If you’ve ever been on a serving line, you know that this is where you bang the server either into the steam table pan or where ever you are taking food out of or onto the edge of the tray where you are placing food. This is to empty the bowl of your server. We added material here to help absorb the added pressure each time a user bangs the server against something to release sticky foods from the bowl.

    Great Warranty

    It’s one thing for us to tell you how long lasting these dishers are, but we also like to stand behind our products with a warranty. The Rite-size Servers come with a 1-year ‘No Questions Asked” full replacement warranty. If you aren’t already using these portion control utensils on your serving line, you really should consider giving them a try.

    consistent portions with rite size servers