Cook's Direct Foodservice Equipment and Supply

April 28th 2023

Correctional facilities have unique requirements for their food service operations. Providing nutritious and safe meals to inmates while maintaining security and adhering to budget constraints requires the use of specialized products. Today, we will explore some of the essential food service products that jails and prisons need to operate efficiently and effectively.

1. Tamper-resistant products: Inmates may attempt to use products as weapons, such as trays, knives, and forks. Purchasing tamper-resistant products is essential for ensuring the safety of both staff and inmates.

2. Durable cookware and bakeware: Jails and prisons need cookware and bakeware that can withstand frequent use and heavy-duty cleaning without wearing out or deteriorating quickly.

3. High-quality steamers and ovens: Cooking equipment that can handle a variety of foods and cooking methods is essential for providing nutritious meals. Steamers and ovens are versatile, allowing for the preparation of a wide range of dishes, from steamed vegetables to baked chicken.

4. Blenders and food processors: Inmates may have dietary restrictions or need their food prepared in a specific way. Blenders and food processors can be used to create purees, smoothies, and other foods that meet these needs while maintaining nutrition and flavor.

5. Cut-resistant gloves: Knife injuries are a common hazard in the kitchen, making cut-resistant gloves a must-have item to protect staff and reduce the risk of accidents.

6. Immersion blenders: Immersion blenders are ideal for creating soups, sauces, and purees, and they are easy to clean and store. They are a great tool for increasing efficiency in the kitchen.

7. Food scales: Weighing food is important for maintaining portion control and nutritional accuracy. Food scales ensure consistency in meal preparation, which is essential for meeting the dietary needs of inmates.

8. Tray delivery carts: Jails and prisons typically serve meals in trays, and tray delivery carts are essential for moving trays from the kitchen to the serving area quickly and efficiently.