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  • April 21st 2023

    Durable shelving is essential for any commercial foodservice operation. Proper shelving not only provides storage for ingredients and supplies, but it also ensures that they are easily accessible and protected from contaminants. Today, we will explore the benefits of using durable shelving in your foodservice operation and provide a list of the top manufacturers in the industry.

    Benefits of Durable Shelving

    1. Increased Efficiency: Durable shelving allows you to maximize your storage space, ensuring that ingredients and supplies are easily accessible and reducing the time and effort required to locate items.

    2. Enhanced Food Safety: Proper shelving keeps ingredients and supplies off the ground, reducing the risk of contamination from spills, dust, and other contaminants.

    3. Long-Lasting: Durable shelving is made from materials that can withstand the wear and tear of a busy kitchen, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving you money in the long run.

    4. Customizable: Durable shelving is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing you to customize your storage to fit your specific needs.

    Top Manufacturers of Durable Shelving

    1. Metro: Metro is a leading manufacturer of commercial shelving solutions, offering a wide range of products to meet the needs of any foodservice operation. Their products are known for their durability, functionality, and ease of maintenance.

    2. Eagle Group: Eagle Group has been a trusted name in the foodservice industry for over 70 years, offering high-quality shelving solutions that are designed to meet the demands of a busy kitchen. Their products are known for their strength, durability, and customization options.

    3. Cambro: Cambro is a global manufacturer of high-quality foodservice equipment, including shelving solutions. Their products are designed to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen, with features such as adjustable shelves, antimicrobial protection, and easy-to-clean surfaces.

    4. Advance Tabco: Advance Tabco is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel shelving solutions for the foodservice industry. Their products are known for their durability, versatility, and easy maintenance.