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  • October 1st, 2021

    Cook’s has had great success carrying a limited variety of Matfer Bourgeat culinary products. A few years ago, the Matfer Bourgeat Carbon Steel Fry Pan was rated #1 by Cook’s Illustrated and that catapulted the pan’s popularity with home cooking enthusiasts and chefs alike. But Matfer Bourgeat offers much more than the carbon steel pans and fans of the company look forward to their annual product catalog and all the beautiful things you can make with the high quality products.

    Much of the catalog is dedicated to bakery and pastry making products as well as specialty chocolate making tools. Matfer Bourgeat also carries a variety of kitchen tools that include items like their Exoglass Utensils, a line of utensils made from a unique high heat resistant patented material. This is a favorite of many Cook’s staff, as we all received a sample High-Temp Pelton Spatula in a training meeting. These highly durable spatulas are made to withstand temperatures up to 430 degrees F.

    They also offers slicing tools, a variety of Small Kitchen Appliances that include juicers, cutters, slicers, sous vide products, tabletop products including porcelain items, seafood table ware, and more specialty products. Matfer Bourgeat has a wide variety of high quality cookware from copper to carbon steel to cast iron and stainless. We’re looking forward to offering more Matfer Bourgeat products on Cook’s Direct.

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