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  • October 1st, 2021

    While a kitchen apron seems uncomplicated enough, if you’ve spent any time in foodservice, you realize that there are a variety of apron types as well as multiple styles within each type. A commercial apron is protective kitchen apparel, and is used in a variety of tasks, each having different requirements. Here are our most popular kitchen aprons and the area of the commercial kitchen they are designed to be used.

    Cotton or Cotton/poly Apron – these cloth aprons are protective apparel most appropriate for keeping your clothing clean, but they don’t offer any protection against liquids or heat. This is an apron used for cooking staff or general kitchen workers. It is also an apron that can be used by servers in a restaurant or cafeteria where it may be a bib style or bistro apron. Cook’s has colored fabric aprons or our popular FSE White Poly/Cotton Apron.

    Disposable Aprons – these lightweight plastic aprons are waterproof and an easy way to get protection from spills and food stains. Disposable poly aprons are also a single use apron so they can be used with temporary staff or in non-traditional areas.

    Dishwashing Aprons – dishwashing aprons are waterproof vinyl aprons for the dishwashing area. They come in a variety of weights, from lightweight to highly durable, heavy-weight vinyl. Depending on the amount of time these ware worn and the user, you can decide which is best for your facility. Our most popular dishwashing aprond is the Tucker Nomex Apron which is flame resistant as well as having a vapor guard.

    Selecting the right apron for the task will keep your kitchen operation safe and operating smoothly. Reducing hazards in the kitchen will also keep your staff more confident in accomplishing the tasks in front of them.

    Safety aprons from cook's