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Be Prepared Before Shopping For Heated Cabinets

October 11th, 2021

Heated Cabinets, or Hot Holding Cabinets, are made to hold food at proper serving temperatures with the proper humidity to keep food fresh in appearance and in taste. Heated cabinets are used when you food that is prepared is not being served immediately. It’s important to know that heated cabinets are not used to cook foods, which is why they are also known as Hot Holding Cabinets. There are also non-heated holding cabinets available that can be used for

Before you head out to do some shopping, in person or online, there are some questions you should answer to be better prepared and to make sure you get what you want when you make your final purchase.

1. Do you need aluminum; more economical, or stainless steel; longer lasting?
2. Do you need to hold steam table pans, sheet pans or both?
3. Do you need to proof in the cabinet?
4. Do you need a security package to protect the controls?
5. Do you spray the cabinet when cleaning or will it be washed by hand?
6. How many doors are required?
7. Will the cabinet be used in locations other than the kitchen?

Answering these questions will help you make it easier to find the best cabinet to meet your needs. Cook’s has Heated Cabinets from top manufacturers like Metro, FWE and Cres Cor, and many more.


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