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  • March 5th, 2021

    Steam is a highly efficient method of cooking that has several benefits and with all the variety available in commercial steamers, there is sure to be a commercial steamer that is an excellent fit for your foodservice operation. Here are the top five benefits you’ll gain when you add steam cooking to your operation:

    1. Steam is very forgiving. Because steam cooks at 212 degrees Fahrenheit it cannot burn the food. Even if you leave the food in the steamer too long, it stays firm and won’t lose structure. You can’t say that about too many other cooking methods.

    2. You can cook multiple different products in a steamer all at the same time and there won’t be any flavor transfer. You can cook seafood, vegetables, and meat in the same steamer as long as you make sure that the food doesn’t drip into the food beneath it. You can even add a cake in at the same time and still won’t have any flavor transfer.

    3. Foods cooked with steam retain the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins than foods cooked any other way. It is often considered the healthiest method of cooking.

    4. Vegetables will keep their colors when cooking with steam and this certainly adds to the overall presentation of your meals to your customers.

    5. Steam is quick! Cooking with steam is a fast process and you can even cut your cooking time in half for some products compared to the time it takes to cook them in a convection oven. Did you know you can even cook a cake or a cheesecake in your steamer? There are many different commercial steamers as well as combi ovens and steamer microwaves that are a great fit in the commercial kitchen. Some of the top brands of commercial steamers are Cleveland, Vulcan and Groen. You can find each of these brands here on Cook’s Direct.

    Benefits of steam cooking