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  • March 11th, 2021

    When you can buy a residential microwave online for under $100, it might seem like you would be saving money in your operation by choosing a residential microwave instead of a commercial model but there’s a good chance you would lose out in the long run. Cost of ownership along with safe operation are two primary differences that you’ll find when you research differences between commercial microwaves and residential microwaves. A residential microwave will most likely struggle to keep up in an institutional setting, like a correctional foodservice operation. It would also pose some serious safety hazards as it struggles to keep up.

    Here are a few facts that illustrate the benefits of selecting a commercial model:

    1. Your commercial model will meet commercial insurance policy and health inspector requirements.

    2. Commercial microwaves are tested to higher standards reducing risk of accident and increasing the control panel on a commercial model allows for easy menu programming simplifying operation and ensuring consistent results every time regardless of who is operating the microwave.

    3. Commercial models are built stronger and constructed with higher quality components. The cooling fans, transformers, and control panels are all built to withstand heavy-duty, daily activity. Commercial models also include a heavy-duty power cord and commercial quality relays.

    4. Commercial microwaves are also more powerful than residential counterparts and provide faster heating and better quality results. Models that include an internal stirrer give you even cooking results without the hassle of a turntable

    5. Residential microwaves, even higher priced models, are typically not worth repair and often require complete replacement after component failure. With a commercial microwave o will get a wiring diagram that fosters faster and more accurate servicing.

    At Cook’s, you’ll find a variety of commercial models including medium and heavy-duty microwaves, even combination steamer microwave ovens from manufacturers like Sharp, Vollrath, Amana and Panasonic. You can review our various Commercial Microwaves here or reach out to our sales team to make sure you select the best model for your facility

    Cook’s Compares Commercial Microwaves vs. Residential Microwaves