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  • June 4th, 2021

    Keeping food fresh and safe are critical to any foodservice operation. One of the most important factors in receiving and storing fresh foods is timing. You need to quickly get any perishable items properly stored to maintain freshness for as long as possible. The rule of thumb is to properly store all perishable products within 15 minutes of being unloaded and inspected so that you are able to maintain safe food temperatures.

    To prevent cross contamination, all raw foods should be kept separated from any cooked products. Any ready-to-eat foods are best stored above raw foods in coolers or refrigerators. Additionally, it is important to properly cover or contain foods to maintain sanitation. Food Storage Boxes or Round Food Storage Containers can be used to keep products separated. Additionally, foodservice film and foodservice foil can be used to cover foods that are in hotel pans, sheet pans or other containers.

    Because time is short, it is important to have an organized process for receiving food shipments, inspecting them and storing them. A FIFO; or First In First Out, food rotation process can help you to speed up the storage of newly delivered foods. It will also help you to get the best use out of your food inventory.

    Speed is Key with Food Storage