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  • November 4th, 2021

    Who doesn’t like a great French fry? Fried foods are a great draw in foodservice and it’s important to keep your commercial fryer running efficiently to avoid breakdown. Here are some quick routine maintenance activities that you should do regularly to keep your countertop fryer or floor model fryer operational and drawing in customers.

    Monitor your commercial fryer for possible gas leaks – every four to six weeks you should check for any possible gas leaks. The easiest way to test for a gas leak is to spray the gas supply hoses with soapy water. If any bubbles appear, that is indicative of a leak. Additionally, if you smell any gas in your kitchen, you should check all gas hoses immediately.

    Clean the combustion fans – try to clean fryer combustion fans at least once a month. This maintenance action helps prevent possible breakdowns.

    Boil out your fryer regularly – fat and carbon deposits can build up on heating elements in the tank and boiling out your fryer weekly will help remove these deposits as well as any old grease or grime. Be sure to check the owner’s manual of your fryer before doing this for any specific manufacturer recommendations.

    Performing routine maintenance on any of your commercial kitchen equipment is always a good idea as it helps you keep your products running efficiently and can help you circumvent full mechanical breakdown by catching problems early. Make sure to add these easy fryer maintenance activities to your calendar so you stay ahead of any maintenance issues.

    commercial fryer maintenance tasks

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