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November 3rd, 2021

Do you know the best way to avoid a kitchen catastrophe? It’s making sure you perform routine maintenance on all your commercial kitchen equipment. As simple as that may seem, current staffing challenges and supply chain issues have many restaurateurs and foodservice operators putting out fires so routine maintenance may get put to the back burner. That’s a habit you want to break, so here’s a list of 10 maintenance tasks you want to confirm were recently completed or schedule them with your team.

Commercial Refrigeration:

1. Check all the gaskets

2. Check all of the air filters, replace as needed

3. Check and clean all the coils

4. Check and clean any drain pans or tubes and keep free of debris

5. Keep all refrigeration units dry


6. Check and monitor fryers for potential gas leaks

7. Clean the combustion fans

8. Regularly boil out your fryer

Ranges, Griddles and Grills:

9. Clean your flattops, grates and burners

10. Check all grease filters on any overhead exhaust units

Restaurant equipment manufacturers understand that it’s important your routine maintenance tasks are easy to perform because your time is valuable. When ever you’re shopping for new kitchen equipment, whether it’s commercial cooking equipment, food-prep equipment, warewashing equipment, ice making equipment and or refrigeration, be sure to factor in the maintenance and cleanability to your purchasing decision.

10 commercial kitchen maintenance tasks

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