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  • December 30th 2022

    It is just as important to maintain clean equipment inside jails and prisons as it is in any other largely populated facility. Doing so can eliminate unwanted bacteria and the likelihood of foodborne illnesses. Today we are going to review the importance of cleaning your ice machine.

    When it comes to cleaning your ice machine, you want to make sure to cover all surfaces. Anything that comes in contact with the ice maker should be cleaned on a regular basis. In order to maintain a sanitary ice machine, your machine should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at a minimum of once every six months. In addition to the deep cleanings that are needed to maintain your ice machine, it is also recommended to follow a daily or weekly sanitation routine.

    Regularly cleaning your ice machine is not only ideal for safety, but also keeps your equipment running smoothly. Additionally, properly cleaning your ice maker prevents grime from building up on key components, the need for repairs, and helps your machine maintain full ice capacity at all times.

    If you start to notice your machine is underperforming, it may be time to clean your ice maker. To avoid this, we recommend creating a thorough cleaning checklist that specifies the duties that must be performed and how often. Following a routine cleaning schedule for your ice machine ensures nothing is overlooked when it comes time to cleaning. For more information on how to properly clean a commercial ice maker, check out our ice machine cleaning checklist here.

    If you have any questions regarding the purchase of new foodservice equipment, we are happy to assist. A line of Ice Machines we recommend for corrections is Manitowoc’s Indigo NXT Series. These models can be purchased with a correctional package and are strong enough to withstand everyday use within the correctional kitchen.

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