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  • July 21st 2022

    What is a Dough Cutter?

    You can use dough cutters for many food items, in many different settings. Your traditional pastry cutter has blades in it, allowing you to chop soft veggies quicky. However, kitchen utensils are designed a bit differently when the intended use is for high security environments, such as jails and prisons and mental health institutions. Today we are going to talk about when to use a dough cutter, and which one we recommend using in high-risk environments.


    At Cook’s Correctional you will find the first high security full tang dough cutter that is designed with the correctional industry in mind. This product is ideal for use in a correctional kitchen or high-risk environments. The Cooks 630-862 Full Tang Dough Cutter features a one-piece blade that is encased in a stay-cool silicone handle for a comfortable grip for kitchens that use their dough cutters to cut and prep products. The full tang blade also includes a metal extension at the end of the handle that allows for secure tethering and easy storage on a peg board, or inside your Cook’s Brand Tool Locker. Another great benefit of this product is that is backed up by a lifetime warranty.

    We currently have plenty of high security, full tang dough cutters in-stock and ready for same day shipping. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of new kitchen supplies, feel free to give our sales team at Cook’s a call. We would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the purchase of new foodservice equipment.

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