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  • September 17th, 2021

    Meal serving products from Cook’s Brand are available in four different materials. These different materials meet various safety and economic benefits. They are also utilized in different meal serving products. Let’s review each of these materials.

    Polycarbonate – This is an extremely durable plastic that is also well priced. The primary benefit of polycarbonate is the longevity. The disadvantage of this material is that it has the potential to shatter and this because this material is also very hard, it can be sharpened into a weapon. You will find Cook’s Brand hot/cold meal trays, mugs and tumblers in polycarbonate.

    Copolymer – Copolymer is a blended plastic that can be made in various different mixes. You will find that many manufacturers have a blend that is customized to meet their specific requirements. The Cook’s Brand blend of copolymer is stain and odor resistant. It is a durable material but not hard and brittle like polycarbonate, it can be broken but it will get the sharp edge that a polycarbonate piece would get when worn down. This is also an economical material. Cook’s Brand products made from copolymer include flatware, tumblers, mugs and bowls. There are also cafeteria trays, compartment trays and insulated trays. Additionally, the Rite-size portion servers and one-piece turners are made of copolymer.

    Sentry Series Pliable PlasticThe Sentry Series products are made of a pliable, soft plastic that was developed specifically for meal trays for corrections. This material has security benefits because it is so pliable, meal trays or other products can be bent or folded over but will not break. This means that it is vey difficult to break or crack these items to be able to make any type of a weapon or shank from a Sentry Series item. Additionally, Sentry Series products can go in heated carts, but they cannot not be used in cooking. You will find compartment trays, lids, mugs, tumblers and the Sentry Series Spork in this pliable plastic.

    Flex Silicone – These products are made from silicone and are extremely flexible. Designed specifically for environments that required highly secure options like segregation or maximum security, the Flex line is soft and flexible and cannot be sharpened into a weapon. Flex products are our most secure option in meal serving products. These products are also temperature safe below zero and over 450 degrees Fahrenheit. They can go from freezer to oven to inmate and are an excellent option for retherm meals. You will find Flex trays and lids, tumblers, mugs and our Flex spoon.

    With meal serving products in four different materials, you can find the trays, drinkware and utensils for the different environments within your correctional facility in Cook’s Brand products. Gator Trays come in Brown or gray, four and five compartment layouts. They are extremely durable and feature one piece construction. We offer a 2-year “No Questions Asked” Warranty on these trays, one of the best available. We also do our best to always have these trays in stock and ready to ship. If you’re at a facility that’s using some of the 3 million Gator Trays that have been sold since introduction, take a picture of your meal and send it to us. We would love to see how it’s working for you.

    Four Choices In Materials for Meal Serving