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  • January 27th, 2022

    We’ve been working in the correctional foodservice industry for over 25 years and with all that experience comes a little bit of wisdom. As a supplier of foodservice equipment and supplies, one of the ways we try to help our customers, correctional foodservice professionals, is to take what we learn over time and through experience and pass it along. We have the benefit of talking to foodservice managers and directors at over 2,000 different correctional facilities – every year! Cook’s Counsel are nuggets of knowledge or tips that to add efficiency or improve safety in the correctional kitchen.

    Cook’s Counsel #1

    When selecting spoodles or ladles for your correctional kitchen, look for one-piece construction, like the Cook’s Brand Rite Size Servers. Many cheaper utensils feature two-piece construction which ‘tack welds’ the handle and bowl. Tack welds are easily broken by inmates and may result in a potential weapon.

    Cook’s Counsel #2

    Need trays to survive tough inmate use? We’ve seen ever type, shape, and size used in jails and prisons over the years. Some work. Other’s don’t. Look for simple designs and durable materials in correctional meal trays. If you transport meal trays any distance from the kitchen, make sure trays are well insulated to keep food at temperature.

    Cook’s Counsel #3

    Eliminate disposable utensils with reusable polycarbonate or copolymer flatware. Both are stain-resistant, dishwasher safe and tough enough for corrections. To reduce costs even more, allow the inmate to keep and wash the utensil between meals. When they destroy it, they are responsible for replacing it just like their toothbrush.

    We have many more Cook’s Counsel tips to share. Look for them monthly in the Cook’s Correctional Blog.

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