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  • Because we’ve had the experience of working with jails and prisons across the US, we have developed preferences in manufactures for various categories of commercial foodservice equipment. For many years, Cleveland Range has been our go to for steam related commercial cooking equipment including kettles, tilt skillets and steamers and cooking equipment .

    Our customers love that they can count on getting their meals prepared faster using their Cleveland Kettle. With the 50 PSI steam jacket rating, you’ll be cooking or reheating food 2 – 3 times faster at higher temperatures than you would with other kettles operating at lower steam jacket ratings. This performance boost comes from Cleveland’s exclusive, patented design featuring forced air gas combustion (power burner) and an energy efficient insulated housing.

    Finally, Cleveland offers a very comprehensive security package on their kettles which makes them even more ideal for corrections. Recently Cook’s and Cleveland Range have come together to offer the various security options on an ala cart basis rather than as a complete package, so that we can better service the various security requirements within correctional facilities. Here are the different security related options you can now select when purchasing a Cleveland Kettle with Cook’s.

    Tamper Resistant Spring Assist Cover (CP-CHS). This is a welded cover handle a with heavy duty-welded bracket. Tamper proof screws used to prevent hinge removal. Anti-rotational bracket welded to cover to prevent removal and rotation. Locks provided by others.

    Hasp style Lockable Spring Assist Cover (CP-HSP). Locks provided by others.

    Tangent Draw-Off Valve Protection (CP-TDPB). Heavy stainless steel bar welded to Kettle, prevents operator from standing on and breaking the tangent draw off valve and damaging the kettle jacket.

    Tangent Draw-Off Valve Modification (CP-TDM). Valve will be modified by having the valve handle fastened to stem with tamper proof screws.

    Cable Attached to Tangent Draw-Off Valve Stem. (CP-TD-STRAP). Prevents kitchen staff from walking off with tangent stem valve.

    Switch Guard (SG). 1/16” diameter Stainless Steel rod bolted over controls to prevent damage from impacts. Gas and electric models only.

    Protective Box for Controls (CP-PCB). Completely covers controls. Gas and electric models only. Locks provided by others.

    Sight Glass Guard (SGP). Protects pressure gauge from getting damaged. Gas floor model units only, for KGL, KGL-T series gas kettles.

    Bar Rim(CP-RB). Heavy metal bar welded to the rim of the kettle to protect the rim from getting damaged due to abuse. NOTE: all Cleveland Kettles come standard with a reinforced rolled rim. The Cleveland Rolled Rim is a heavy-duty rim that holds up to abuse better than a bar rim. The Bar Rim (CP-RB) option is designed to meet competitive specifications, but not a recommendation by Cook’s or Cleveland.

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