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  • July 30th, 2021

    One of the things that differentiates Cook’s from other foodservice equipment and supply dealers is our line of Cook’s Brand products. Most of our customers are familiar with our meal trays and Rhino Carts, there are a wide variety of Cook’s Brand items that fit into many different areas of the correctional kitchen. One of our longest standing items is the Knife Leash Kit which includes our Knife Leash.

    The Knife Leash Kit consists of three parts: the leash, the security fastener and the lock. The fastener gets secured to your utensil that you want to secure; the 60 inch leash secures the utensil with the fastener to a work table and then the lock is used to keep secure the leash to the table leg. Tethers or leashes have existing in jails or prisons as long as knives have been in the kitchen and the hands of trustees. When we introduced our kit, the innovation in this was creating a leash that could be easily put in place and then just as easily be removed, without the need of your maintenance staff. It’s an elegant solution to a challenge faced in jails and prisons across the county. It was also created as the result of requests and feedback from our customers.

    Currently the knife leash is available in a 30 inch or a 60 inch length, but we’ve recently had customer requests for a longer leash. To continue to meet the needs of our customers, we will be introducing a new 8 foot long knife leash in late August 2021. The leash will be included in the upcoming Cook’s Brand Catalog. The longer leash provides a bit more flexibility of movement in kitchens that you don’t have with the shorter versions. Look for the new knife leash and new catalog in early September.

    Cook’s Brand to Introduce a New Longer Knife Leash