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  • August 19th 2022

    What makes a product safe for corrections?

    It is just as important to maintain a clean environment in jails, prisons, and psych wards as it is in restaurants, hotels, and other operations. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing items for high-risk environments. You will want to make sure the units cannot be disassembled, do not contain parts that can be sharpened into a weapon and last but not least, are durable enough to withstand abuse. Today we are going to take a look at Briarwoods “Shank-Free” Safety Orange Product line.

    Features and Benefits of Briarwood Correctional Tools

    Briarwood has deigned their “Shank-Free” product line to eliminate the potential for makeshift weapons from metal parts. All of their correctional cleaning tools are constructed out of 100% rugged plastic, avoiding any metal parts that can be used as weapons. The tools also will not conduct electricity and are chemical resistant to prevent bacteria from growing.

    “Shank-Free” Safety Orange Product line overview


    The Shank-Free Push Broom is 100% metal free and comes in 18′′ and 24′′ lengths. The Shank-Free and Metal-Free (6022-18) and (6022-24) Push Brooms are made of a special plastic that prevents them from being sharpened into a shank or shank holder. This Push Broom is designed to be used with either the (6042-PL56) or (6042-F56) handle.


    Like the push brooms, Briarwoods dust mop frame is also constructed out of a special, durable, plastic that eliminates the ability for inmates to sharpen this item into a shank. This is available in both 24” (6025-24) and 36” (6025-36). Please note this part does require an added-on Shank-Free Clip-On™ which is sold separately. This is available for both the 24” model (6025-24) and the 36” model (6025-36).


    This floor scrubbing brush is not only meant to be used on floors, but it can also be used to scrub walls, stairs, and ceilings. The bristles on this scrub brush are fused onto the broom for a secure and metal-free bond. And like the rest of the products in this line, is shank-free and built to withstand the abuse in corrections.


    The "Quick-Bite" wet mop holder is made of tough, flexible plastic, which prevents inmates from sharpening it into a shank. It also has locking tabs to keep the mop holder from opening if it is bumped. This mop holder is made to securely hold any standard mop.


    Briarwood offers 3 different handles. 6042-PL56 a 56” a flexible handle with a short tip, 6044-PL56 a 56” flexible handle with a medium tip, and 6046-F56 a 56” flexible handle with a long tip. All which are made out of fiberglass and are not able to be sharpened into a weapon, are non-flammable and lightweight.

    As you can see, Briarwoods "Shank-Free" Safety Orange line features the perfect cleaning supplies for high-risk environments. At Cook’s Correctional you will find that we carry a wide variety of products that are designed specifically for corrections and other high-risk environments. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of new foodservice equipment, feel free to give one of our sales experts a call, we are happy to help!

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