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  • January 4th 2023

    Mobile hand sinks are extremely beneficial when it comes to maintaining proper sanitation in areas that do not have access to clean soap and water. With a portable hand sink come many benefits, such as portability, affordability, and accessibility. Additionally portable hand sinks can also help your business stay compliant with health code standards. Today we will look at the advantages of having a mobile hand sink.

    Mobile hand wash stations do not require installation, which means they can be taken pretty much anywhere that hand sanitation is required. Whether it be at an offsite catering event or a sporting event, these units are portable and easy to use. While mobile hand sinks are popular for outdoor events, they can still be used throughout any facility where handwashing is needed.

    Since mobile hand sinks do not require installation, this means they do not require a plumber or any further maintenance that comes with traditional hand sinks. This is a huge time and money saver, as these units are designed for easy set-up. Therefor when it comes time to use your mobile hand sink there is little to no preparation needed.

    Mobile hand sinks allow you to ensure that proper hand hygiene takes place in areas where stationary sinks are not accessible. This is especially important when it comes to catering events where food is being handled. Additionally, handwashing stations can be customized to fit your needs, whether it be for a sporting event or for a personal business, many manufacturers offer the option of personalizing your hand sink to your liking.

    As you can see there are many benefits when it comes to using a portable hand sink, and they are not limited to outdoor events only. Handwashing is the most important step we can take to prevent the spread of unwanted germs and bacteria. At Cook’s we offer a wide range of hand hygiene products, if you need assistance purchasing, we are happy to help you.