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  • August 19th, 2021

    As a food business grows and production increases, the equipment needed to keep up with the increase in production will need to change too. If you’re operating small bakery, one of your larger investments is in the equipment you need. Moving from a counter top mixer to a floor mixer, is a significant investment, yet if demand is outpacing your supply, that investment will pay for itself over time and your business can flourish. Along with a larger mixer, you may invest a larger oven or possibly a second oven. Along with adding equipment to keep up with your increased production, you’ll need to add staff to operate the equipment and to keep production moving.

    There will come a time in your growth, that you will begin to consider not only investing in equipment to product more baked goods but also in equipment that can make your operation more efficient. Adding equipment that can reduce labor is a great way to balance the increased expenses of your growing operation. For the commercial bakery or pizza restaurant, one way to increase efficiency and reduce labor is by investing in a dough divider. If you are looking at adding a dough divider to your operation for the first time, you would most likely consider a manual dough divider. This is a piece of equipment that provides great precision and accuracy as well as reduces the amount of time it takes to divide dough for specific products and labor. A manual dough divider is a machine that cuts dough into even portions so that they provide uniform buns, rolls, pizza crusts or what ever product you’re using the dough to create.

    One of our most popular dough dividers is the Dutchess BMIH-36/18. This dough divider gives you flexibility because it includes two cutting heads allowing you to divide dough into 36 parts or 18 parts, with a relatively simple change of parts. If you have a more limited offering and only need one size, either the 36 or 18 parts, you can purchase the BMIH-18 for the 18 cut unit or BMIH-36 for the 36 cut unit. The benefit with these units is that if your operation expands and you need to add a different size, the blade units are interchangeable so you can simply order the new blade unity to work with your existing machine from Dutchess Baker’s Machinery Company.

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