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  • May 31st 2022

    When it comes to running an operation, using a commercial microwave oven is crucial, in fact using a residential microwave oven puts you at risk with the board of health. It is important when running and operating an establishment you are meeting the proper requirements. In order to do so you will need to use the proper kitchen equipment, a commercial microwave being one of them. Today we are going to look at 6 reasons why you should use a commercial microwave oven.

    1. Commercial Microwaves Pass Health Inspections and Insurance Policies
    Using a residential microwave oven within your facility can run the risk of violating health code violations.

    2. Commercial Microwaves are safer
    A successful business owner takes the health and safety of their customers seriously. A commercial microwave cooks food more evenly, reducing the risk of foodborne illness.

    3. Commercial Microwaves are built to last
    Microwaves for commercial use are designed to operate at a significantly higher frequency than those used residentially. Cooling fans, transformers, control panels, heavy-duty power lines, and commercial-grade relays are all included in a commercial microwave.

    4. Commercial Microwaves are easier to program
    Consistency and speed. These are two critical aspects of every commercial kitchen. You must be capable of producing high-quality dishes that meet or exceed your customers' expectations. Not only that, but you must complete the task efficiently. For this reason, in a commercial kitchen, programming your microwave for specific demands is a must.

    5. Commercial Microwaves are more powerful
    Your kitchen must be built with power. You won't want to wait for a residential microwave when needing to cook large quantities of food quickly. You'll want something that can heat up quickly, so you can get your food out to your customers as soon as possible.

    6. Commercial Microwaves are easier to repair
    One important thing about a commercial microwave is that if something goes wrong, your commercial microwave will include a wiring diagram and will be easier to service and repair. With a residential microwave, you're usually better off just buying a new microwave if you need a repair.

    If you’re in need of a new commercial microwave oven or any other kitchen equipment, head over to cooksdirect.com.

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