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  • September 23rd, 2021

    Which is better, Square or Round Containers?

    Cook’s has been distributing the square and round food storage containers since inception. These containers are so popular because facilities really need them and Cambro and Carlisle are the best in the business. One question that is asked quite often is which are better – round or square? Here are our thoughts:

    Square food storage containers

    Square and rectangular food storage containers are easily stacked and they help you optimize your storage space. With the square corners, there is no wasted space between containers. The increase in storage between square and round is roughly 25%. Who couldn’t use an extra 25% of storage space in their freezer, cooler or walk-in? Before you jump to an answer, I should warn you that we have a pretty compelling case for the rounds too.

    Round food storage containers

    Round Food Storage Containers are ideal for storing liquids like soups, broth or sauces. These containers are ideal for stirring so, they are perfect for stew, salsas or other foods that require stirring. Round containers also allow equal air flow leading to faster and more even thawing of frozen products. Even though they take up less space, round food storage containers ensure less food waste than in square containers. Round storage containers are also considered more durable because they don’t have edges or corners where material can weaken and brake over time.

    Depending on your needs and the amount of storage space available to you, you can pick either of the two. Most facilities have a combination of both square and round containers since having your food stored in all square containers will obstruct the air flow around the containers.

    Round vs. Square Food Storage Containers